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Hair Butter

8.8 Ounces of Queen Angel's Hair Butter is for all hair types. It nourishes and smooths your hair.


If you are using multiple hair products to enhance your curl pattern or gel to slick your ponytail you can now throw it all away and order Queen Angel’s amazing Hair Butter!


Queen Angel’s Hair Butter makes the hair soft as butter for easy combing and styling. It also slicks your ponytail like never before without using any gel.


There is nothing on the market like our hair butter!


Some benefits of using Queen Angel’s Hair Butter include: detangler, moisturizer, softer more defined curls, nourishing conditioner and frizz control.


Eliminate all your other haircare products today and purchase the complete Queen Angel Hair Care Line now.


For optimal results use Queen Angel’s Hair Growth Oil and Queen Angel’s Edge Control.


Queen Angel's Hair Butter Instructions:

Step 1: After shampoo and conditioner apply Queen Angel’s Hair Butter to towel dried hair.

Step 2: Part hair into 4 equal sections and apply Queen Angel’s Hair Butter directly to your roots and work your way to the ends.

Step 3: Leave hair butter on for 5- 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rise hair butter completely suing cool temperature water.
(Use Queen Angel’s Hair Butter every day or weekly for best results)

Step 5: After using Queen Angel’s Detangling Spray, Coconut Shampoo, Coconut Conditioner, Leave- In Conditioner and Hair Butter; your hair is completely cleansed, hydrated and tangle free. Add Queen Angel's Hair Growth Oil to your scalp/ hair and style as desired.



Coconut Oil

Jojoba Esters

Vitamin E

Biotin Oil

Tea Tree Oil


DISCLAIMER: This product contains coconut and essential oils, if you are allergic please don't use this product, we are not liable or responsible for illness or allergic reactions. Please read instructions carefully and always do a 24-hour skin test before use.

All Sales Are Final. No Refunds Due To The Nature Of The Products.

Hair Butter

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