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Edge Control

5.3 Ounces of Queen Angel's Edge Control smooths edges and is for natural and relaxed hair.


Queen Angel's Edge Control provides a long lasting and maximum hold for creating sleek and smooth styles. It can easily be applied to hairlines, eyebrows, sideburns, new hair growth, beards, mustaches and more. This unique wash out hair solution edge control is made with beeswax, applies dry, not wet, so it stays sleek when styling which allows for frizzy hair to lay flat, smoothed-out and under complete control. Use Queen Angel's Edge Control to control tapered cuts and edges, it can also be used as a curling pomade with the thermal irons.


Queen Angel’s Edge Control holds hair flatten and smooths hair firmly in place for your desired style.


There is nothing on the market like our edge control!


Eliminate all your other haircare products today and purchase the complete Queen Angel Hair Care Line now.


For optimal results use Queen Angel’s Hair Growth Oil and Queen Angel’s Hair Butter.


Queen Angel's Edge Control Instructions:

Step 1: Apply Queen Angel’s Edge Control to dry hair.

Step 2: Use comb or fingertips to apply the product onto dry styled hair.

Step 3: Smooth edge control using a comb or brush.

Step 4: Style hair as desired.



Castor Oil


Argan Oil


DISCLAIMER: This product contains argan and essential oils, if you are allergic please don't use this product, we are not liable or responsible for illness or allergic reactions. Please read instructions carefully and always do a 24-hour skin test before use.

All Sales Are Final. No Refunds Due To The Nature Of The Products.

Edge Control

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