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This Is For My Men!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hello everyone, It's SATURDAY and I am excited to write this blog for you today. In this blog I will give you the inside scoop on the future of Queen Angel. As I am currently planning to launch my hair, skin, nail and makeup line in 2021 (more details coming soon) I am also planning to add more women’s items as well as launch a men’s collection. Shortly after the men's collection launch a children and babies collection will be added to Queen Angel... Let's dive into my plans for the Queen Angel's men, children and baby collection.


Queen Angel's Men's Collection will be nothing less than dapper. Each item is designed to fit you perfectly, no matter your shape or size. I have men's tops which will include polo shirts, tank tops, business shirts, casual shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, quarter sleeve shirts, button downs and tees for every occasion. I will also have men's bottoms which will include jeans, joggers, pants and more. There will also be men's 2- piece sets which will include shorts and pants with the matching tops, swimwear that will include swim trunks and tops for those poolside or beach days. And let's not forget the shoes! I will also have men's shoes, loungewear and sleepwear that will for sure have you feeling comfortable and looking stylish.


Let’s jump right into Queen Angel's Children's Collection. As a mother of a tall and slim child who had a difficult time finding long enough pants, I specifically paid close attention to sizes with this children’s collection. I have designed tops, bottoms, dresses, 2- piece sets, loungewear, swimwear, jewelry, accessories and shoes that will for sure bring out the fashionista in your child/ children. I promise you will love the variety of colors and styles I put together for our children’s collection. I for one can't wait to share this collection with you.


Last but not least Queen Angel's Baby Collection, It's been quite sometime since I have had to dress a baby so I definitely pulled my resources together when creating this collection for babies but rest assure you will be in awe! I have designed tops, bottoms, dresses, 2- piece sets, swimwear and shoes that will have your baby in style! I am certain we will have the cutest baby collection, you can just call us the experts in baby apparel. From newborn to toddler we've got you covered! Baby's clothes at Queen Angel will come in a variety of styles and sizes. Queen Angel will have the softest baby clothes because Queen Angel knows that everything that touches your baby’s skin matters. If I left anything out that you would love to see online at please leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. And as always...

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