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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and spending some quality time with your loved ones… I know I am! Now let’s dive right into today’s blog. I promise this blog will be simple and short. I have one simple question for you. And there should be only one short answer. The simple question: Are you a Queen Angel subscriber? The short answer I am expecting from you: Yes. Ok, great! That concludes today’s blog, see you next time...

Unless your answer is No. Then my next question to you is: What are you waiting for?

Queen Angel subscribers get all the new and exciting information on sales and events first. When Queen Angel has a sale, the subscribers get notified first and can being to purchase items at the discounted sale price immediately. Queen Angel subscribers reap the benefits of the sale before Queen Angel post about it on any social media platforms. Queen Angel subscribers randomly get special discount codes sent to them via email that they can use right away. Queen Angel subscribers also get free items sent to them when they make a purchase of any amount (while supplies last). These are just a few benefits of being a Queen Angel subscriber. So, if you haven’t already subscribed to Queen Angel, again I ask: What are you waiting for? Not only will you immediately receive your 10% off your entire order coupon code once you subscribe but I promise to include a special gift in your order (while supplies last). Now go ahead and click here to join as a Queen Angel subscriber!

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