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Hello all, as always I hope you are staying safe and healthy. I want to take this time to blog about our most purchased items. We have plenty of most purchases items but today I want to spotlight our edge control. As you know, half the battle of laying your edges is figuring out which product to use. Ideally, your edge control should make styling easy and keep your hairline in place without leaving behind any flakiness or buildup. Your baby hairs are delicate and should be treated as such. When you're looking for an edge control, hairstylist Mya Davis recommends Queen Angel's edge control a product with moisturizing ingredients to help avoid flaking and an anti-humectant to help prevent curl-back.

Whether you are adorning your hairline with elaborate loops or just a simple few swoops, Queen Angel Shop got the best product on the market that will ensure they will stay in place. Check out our edge control that will suit any budget.

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