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Hi everyone, I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. I want to take this time to reintroduce myself but this time as your go to realtor for any location. My name is Angel Johnson, BSND, MBA, Realtor®️ and I am the owner of Angel's Real Estate Company. Please visit my website and please share my contact information with anyone who has a homeownership and or real estate need and or question. I am happy to help. In the spirit of helping, I want to ask you what can I do right now to best support you and your homeownership / business goals? Contact me now with your request. Again, I am happy to help! By the way, can you think of anyone right now who just got married, had a baby, or a recent job promotion? From my experience, this may be a trigger that they have an upcoming real estate need. If so, this is where I NEED YOUR HELP! Share this blog with them now and or tell them to give me a call now.

Angel's Real Estate Company is based in Northridge California. My company has referred and represented clients all over the world in many real estate transactions. I have built a solid foundation of clients in my community through my professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always put my client’s needs first. I studied Business in college and afterwards began work in sales. Passionate about helping families find their dream home, I continue to leverage my know-how and experience to exceed my client’s expectations. Active in the community I am proud part of the Heaven Sent's effort to help the people in our community. In my free time I am an avid cyclist and hiker. Spending time in the mountains and or the beach together with my family and friends is never something I take for granted. California’s beautiful weather has made me more of an outdoorsy person.

What Are You Waiting For... Need A House? I'm Your Girl! Call Or Text Me NOW!



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Angel's Real Estate Company is in affiliation with Keller Williams Central DRE#02147938.

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