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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Queen Angel website and my first blog post! My name is Queen Angel and I am so excited to share with you MORE of what Queen Angel has to offer! I wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and my overall experience of revamping my website.

Why I Created This Blog

Since I started my business in 2015, many of my friends have asked me “Why don’t you start a blog?!” and up until a few months ago I truly didn’t know what a “blog” was. I never clicked on blog links, I never understood WHY people wrote blogs, and I just thought it was a waste of time to even look into it. I WAS SO WRONG! After doing much research and making friends with a few bloggers along the way, who have been so kind to offer much support and advice, I have become completely consumed with inspiration to start a blog for Queen Angel. I have finally realized all of the benefits that blogging can bring.

What You Will Be Seeing More Of In My Posts

Fashion will obviously be the main topic of my blog, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the face behind Queen Angel (me), and a mixture of lifestyle including my favorite fashion designs from Queen Angel, new Queen Angel products as we tap into the beauty market, and home decor. Writing has always been a strong suit of mine but I will tell you, I am no expert. I may be a “perfectionist” but I am nowhere near perfect. I figure it will be a lot of trial and error so please bear with me on any grammar/spelling mistakes (disclaimer – sometimes I type just like I talk, my Texas folks will understand lol) and please feel free to always share your advice and communicate with me along the way! I hope to inspire you because truthfully, you all inspire me.

My Overall Experience Of Revamping My Website

After being inspired to start my blog, I wanted to act fast. This is not a fast task people. Not only did I want to start a blog, but after having my business for five and a half years now, I was ready to totally revamp my brand and website which I initially created on my own. Creating a website and/or blog is WORK and if you’re looking for that ideal web designer – be prepare to be on a waiting list (and pay a fortune). However, that did not happen to me. I was blessed to be able to seek knowledge on website design, structured data and how to use several social media platforms. I am still learning and the best is yet to come!

Keep In Touch With All Things Queen Angel

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I promise you Queen Angel will continue to grow 💕


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